The Bodin Group 2019 Spring Newsletter


Artaka Ross & Bodin Mentoring

This year Bodin was fortunate to come into contact with a bright young law student who has a remarkable life story. Artaka Ross was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Artaka faced hardships and difficulties that would make most feel life had it out for them.

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Screen Use Specific Parent Coaching

Is your family experiencing increased negative effects of screen use at home?

Do you as a parent feel the need to spend some time gaining new perspectives, identifying goals and strategies and maybe challenge your current thinking or getting on the same page with a co-parent? Bodin’s Screen Use Specific Parent Coaching can help develop what feels like a healthier and more targeted approach moving forward, both with regard to content, time used and methods of supervision and restriction.

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New Bodin Mentoring Employees

We have recently added new personnel to our Mentoring Team at The Bodin Group.

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