Why Call Bodin?

Nothing matters more than your family. We know you are suffering, your family is struggling and your son/daughter is hurting, whether they admit it or not. Maybe you can figure it out on your own surfing the Internet late at night. In fact, you may be doing that right now. But how do you sift through the hundreds of listings? How can you make sure that the choices are really the right ones for your kid’s circumstances? How do you integrate a course of action into your family’s life? At Bodin, we know the drill. We’ve been at this for over 30 years. We will listen and help create a plan tailored to your family.

So why call Bodin?

Because your kid is in crisis mode
You have a teen with a drug problem, a young adult in jail, a daughter with an eating disorder, a son who has turned violent. You need immediate help from someone with emergency expertise — who has seen it, lived it, and successfully addressed it.

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Because something’s not quite right
If you’re seeing signs that your student is acting in ways that are beginning to ring your alarm bells, we can help assess the situation and assist with your long and short term planning.

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Because you need specifics
With so many therapists, specialists, programs and schools out there, how can you find the ones that will be most appropriate and effective for your family? Our team continually visits, evaluates, and develops personal relationships with an extensive network of resources, and guides you every step of the way.

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Because you want a solution that works long term
No one wants to see their son or daughter going in and out of rehab repeatedly, dropping out of school again, or lapsing back into risky behaviors. The most successful results come when a family-centered support system is at the center of any treatment plan.

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Because you need help with a relocation, a private or boarding school or a college placement
We do so much work with special needs children, adolescents and young adults that many people forget that we have been helping families with traditional school choices since 1979. Whether it is a New England boarding school, a local private school or a specialty college, we can wade through the morass of information and hone in on the specific needs of your family.

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