Traditional Schools

We offer guidance and expertise whether you are contemplating an alternative to the public school system, summer opportunities or planning for college. Among the many reasons families come to us for assistance are:

  • High School students planning for college
  • Students considering independent day or boarding school
  • Students interested in graduate school
  • Students exploring transfer options
  • International students seeking U.S. school options
  • Family relocations
  • Students who are physically challenged
  • Capable students who don’t perform well on standardized tests
  • Families unable to reach consensus on educational decisions
  • Students seeking post-high school vocational options


Private Day School

If your child is having difficulty functioning in a traditional setting, many communities have local options that can address specific needs. Individual and/or family therapy may also be appropriate.


Boarding School

These institutions are academic. The student has to want to go and there is generally a GPA requirement for the entering student. Entrance follows the academic year.



Getting into college today is more difficult than at any time in our history. There are so many more students and not enough capacity, especially for the more gifted students.


Gap Year

Not all high school graduates and/ or young adults are ready to transition immediately to the relative independence of college away from home or independent living. There are a wide variety of choices available, including post-graduate programs, study abroad, outdoor leadership, and independent living programs.