Crisis and Intervention

“Our 14-year-old daughter had run away twice and was leading a secret life with a 24-year-old man.”

“We were continually hiding and re-hiding money, medications and other items of value to the point where we could no longer keep track of our belongings or our sanity.”

“I had to bar her bedroom door because I was afraid she might become violent.”


These excerpts are from three real life stories written by parents. In each case, the teenager either did not fully understand the risk or didn’t care. But the risk was real, severe, and acute. What led these families to us was the need for immediate action. The situation had blown up to crisis proportions and an intervention was needed.

Sometimes a crisis gives us days to respond. Sometimes it is only hours. Either way our consultants know how to react swiftly and decisively. When we are called we first determine the immediacy of the crisis. Next we map out how best to intervene. This lets everyone know that the behaviors are no longer to be tolerated. It also provides a path out of the situation where none existed before. It is generally the first step of a healing process for both the teenager and the family.