College and Post-Secondary Planning

Are you looking for personalized college and/or post-secondary planning for your student? Bodin team member Sarah Anderson is a college and post-secondary consultant who is trained in navigating the often complex and sensitive nature of the college search process, as well as the exploration of post-secondary/career options, for traditional and special needs students. Sarah works with students with neurodiversity (e.g. LD and ASD), students needing mental and emotional health support, students in recovery, and any students who have been in or are transitioning from treatment or therapeuticboarding schools and seek post-secondary guidance. Her first goal is to understand the student’s specific needs and to focus on their strengths, interests, and preferences; the ultimate goal is to have the best possible options that will build on their personal and academic successes. Her services include:

•           Academic Planning

•           2-year/ 4-year/Transfer College Search

•           Extracurricular Planning

•           Standardized Testing Plan

•           Personal Statement Brainstorming and Review

•           Application Review

•           College Decision Guidance

•           Gap Year Opportunities and Exploration

•           Career Exploration and Planning

•           Assessments to Determine Major and Career Options

•           Career Planning

•           Evaluation of Psycho-educational and Neuro-psychological Testing

•           Consultation with Support/Clinical Team

•           Consultation with Bodin Team


Why use the Bodin Group for college and post-secondary planning? Sarah is in communication with the student's therapeutic support team, parents/guardians, teachers, and any other resources instrumental in determining the best conditions as the student moves toward independence. She takes into consideration psycho-educational and neuro-psychological testing, when applicable. She also regularly consults with the Bodin Group team, who has collectively nearly 100 years of experience supporting students with special needs.

For more information, please email or call 650-210-2516.