Screen Use Specific Parent Coaching

Is your family experiencing increased negative effects of screen use at home?

Do you as a parent feel the need to spend some time gaining new perspectives, identifying goals and strategies and maybe challenge your current thinking or getting on the same page with a co-parent? Bodin’s Screen Use Specific Parent Coaching can help develop what feels like a healthier and more targeted approach moving forward, both with regard to content, time used and methods of supervision and restriction.

 More and more parents are contacting Bodin with questions and concerns regarding how to determine what is unsafe or unhealthy screen use for their children. Parents have questions both about how much time is okay, what content is appropriate and safe, and about how to avoid or minimize conflict and the emotional fallout the family often suffers as a result of arguments around screen use. In many cases, families also experience that their child has started dropping out of commitments, activities and interests that are off line, because a screen-based community is the only place he/she feels safe or accepted.

 You might ask yourself: Do all the other kids really have a phone? Are they spending as much or more time with screens as your child is or wants to? Is your situation “normal” or more severe? Do I have the right to monitor or supervise, and what can happen if I don’t?

 Even if you decide that you HAVE to do something, what can you do?

 Screen Use Specific Parent Coaching is highly individualized to meet your family’s needs, but can include the following:

·      In-office parent meeting(s) going over history and identifying target problem areas.

·      Home visit, including visiting with your child.

·      Development of a Family Expectation Plan

·      Check-in phone calls or email communication

·      A concluding family meeting

·      Referrals, resources and reading list as necessary.

 This service is aimed toward parents of children from elementary school age through high school – as well as for young adults launching into college and independent living. Hourly time is billed at $300 per hour. We ask for a 5 hour minimum commitment. 

 Trine H. Syverinsen, Cand. Polit. has been a consultant at Bodin since 2005. She serves parents of children K-12 who experience social and emotional struggles related to learning differences, school attendance, social difficulties and parent-child relationship challenges. Parent coaching and community education has been a focus of her work since she first started working with teens in the mid 90s. Trine has a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Bergen, Norway. Her master thesis focused on American youth, school system and risk management. Trine uses a combination of a specific family system analysis and education, as well as a general education around societal trends and factors, risk assessment and how they influence our parenting.

 For more information or to schedule a 30-minute free inquiry call, please email or call 650-937-1111.