Artaka Ross (Left) & David Laurance (Right)

Artaka Ross (Left) & David Laurance (Right)

Artaka Ross

This year Bodin was fortunate to come into contact with a bright young law student who has a remarkable life story. Artaka Ross was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Artaka faced hardships and difficulties that would make most feel life had it out for them.

With not much for a role model in his life, Artaka set out to be a role model for his younger siblings and others. Artaka came to California a few months ago to study under a prominent defense attorney.

Artaka and Douglas Bodin reached out to a local school with a surprising amount in common with Artaka. Beechwood School, a charter school located in East Menlo Park right off of Marsh Road has a small community of students from East Menlo Park and East Palo Alto.

This school is small yet has a excellently laid out campus that fits perfectly on a stretched out lot. This interesting physical layout pales in comparison to the unique approach the faculty takes on educating the students. While common curriculum is a large portion of the education, the staff brings the students life skills in the form of improved mindsets. The school focuses on resilience through hardships, appreciating their triumphs, and respectfully critiquing their downfalls.

Artaka was able to share some advice with the students from his life experiences so that the students might be appropriately prepared to face hardships in their lives, and understand the work ethic required for success. All in all, I believe that this experience provided benefits to Artaka and the students of Beechwood School.

Artaka and the teachers at Beechwood were able to connect, and The Bodin Group looks forward to working more with the students of Beechwood.