Parent Mentoring Experiences 

The Bodin Group's mentoring program was just what our son needed to help him make the transition from a wilderness program to life back at home and school.  As parents, we felt that we had pretty good communication going on with our son, but we also understand that teenagers don't talk to their parents about everything.  Our mentor, Austin, was able to quickly connect with our son and become a trusted friend.  He looked forward to spending time working out and surfing with Austin.  It was so nice knowing that our son was spending time with someone who felt like a peer, but was a person that we trusted to counsel and guide him.  Our son's mentor had overcome similar challenges in his own life, and could understand our son's experiences in a way that we just could not. 

The Mentoring Program at Bodin stands out as one of the best investments I ever made. When you are a teenager, feedback from someone close to your age often is worth much, much more than what you hear from the best therapist. Spending time together in the real world has a huge impact and ideas planted during those times seem to have a very significant impact compared to “normal” therapy. I rate this as an 11 on a 10 point scale.
-Bill L.

We have been really pleased with Austin as a mentor associated with the Bodin Group. In addition to his energetic style and interpersonal skills, his status as a recent college grad who successfully attended a wilderness program gives him instant "street cred" with our teenager. Someone like Austin as a mentor is a missing link in just about every other therapeutic approach we have tried; he is far more relatable to a teenage young man than most therapists or psychiatrists. Both we and our son have been very happy with his mentoring.
-Bill N.

We were about to send our teenage son to a therapeutic program out of state when we heard about the mentor program at Bodin. Austin has been helping our son get out of the home kayaking, going to a hackathon, hiking and other activities. He has issues with social activity and getting out of the home but seems to respond well to these mentors and has even learned some computer coding from Blaise. For the first time in the last 1.5 years we have felt hopeful and feel a mentor to help him become more functional in life has been more useful than the multitude of health care professionals. The cost has been well worth it to save my sanity. They have gone above and beyond to make an effort for our son.

The first thing I did in the mentoring program was beef up my resume and cover letter. Next we got in Austin’s car and he started to drop me off at places that looked like tech startups.
“If you want a tech internship, go in there and give your resume to the head of HR”
At the time I barely had enough confidence to pronounce my name. That day was significant. Every time I left a building I was resume-less and Austin was waiting in his car with a cheesy grin and I would try and look cool but then I’d lock eyes with Austin and a huge grin would creep on my face.
Austin has helped me build my confidence and people skills. Austin helped me forge a more productive mindset and schedule. Everyone should have an Austin in their life. He’s taken me on college trips, taught me new skills, forced me to get up early, and imparted his irrationally optimistic brand of determination on me.
Recently, he’s taught me how to surf. Last time we went out I caught my first wave. In these moments I appreciate having him in my life. Surfing is an activity that is physically exhausting and mentally regulating. It will be a lifelong hobby of mine, I can’t wait to catch more waves once I get back from college.
-Logan L.


"I am really grateful for Austin's work with my son Nick. Austin is passionate about his work and he is doing an outstanding job by closing the gap of true male role models in our society.
I met Austin O'Such at one of his presentation about the Bodin Group where he described his role as a mentor for adolescents and young adults. I knew right away that he would be a perfect match to work with my son Nick, who was unmotivated and was struggling with self-confidence, social skills, and direction in life. Over a period of few months, Austin has helped Nick to be more engaged socially, to increase his self-confidence, assisted him with job application process, tutoring, and to find new interests in life. Austin also helped Nick to advocate for himself and to be more self-reliant.   
Austin O'Such might be the answer to help your struggling son or daughter."
Miriam L.