Some parents seek educational advice and guidance for their kids in elementary school, and even as early as pre-school, to help determine which school setting and/or educational plan might work most effectively for their youngster. This can be particularly beneficial if there are special concerns.

We often include the following steps for this age range:

  • Meeting(s) with parents in our offices
  • Observing the child in his/her current school
  • Communicating with professionals who know and have worked with the child
  • Determining whether educational and/or psychological testing will be helpful
  • Assisting in the identification and/or selection of appropriate school(s)
  • Discussing the benefits and disadvantages of independent, religious, and public schooling
  • Meeting(s) with the child in our offices
  • Conferring with the child’s teacher(s)
  • Reviewing school records and test results
  • SSAT testing