Frequently Asked Questions About Consulting

What does the Bodin Group do?

We are experienced advocates for your child, and advisors and coaches for your family, providing consulting services for the educational and/or therapeutic needs of children, adolescents, young adults and adults. Working collaboratively, we help you create and execute a plan for appropriate educational programs and treatment interventions using our first-hand knowledge of thousands of professionals, resources, schools and treatment programs.

What kind of situations do you deal with?

With decades of experience, we’ve seen the widest range of family challenges and situations — from looking for a local private school for a gifted child to an adolescent at risk to interventions for adults.

We’re in crisis. What can you do immediately?

If immediate safety is in jeopardy, dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.  Then call us. We have  immediate interventions to ensure safety, and supporting resources to get healthy, re-engage relationships, and plan for long-term success once the crisis is past.  We are sensitive that  desperate parents can feel vulnerable — that’s when an objective professional can help the most.

My child’s not that bad off, why do we need a consultant?

Maybe you don’t. And if that’s the case, we’ll tell you. But please don’t wait until an uncomfortable situation grows into a crisis. We can help with early detection, clarification, prioritization and prevention. With you, we can develop an optimal plan that takes into account the myriad of choices of local schools, resources and strategies that can be considered if things are just starting to deteriorate. We also create a contingency plan in case the primary approach doesn’t achieve the desired results.

Our situation is unique. How can you meet our very specific needs?

That is who we are. The success of families that come to us has been due to the creation of completely customized plans that meet the specific needs of the individual and the family. Although many situations may seem similar on the surface, the underlying issues, family needs and dynamics all require a highly tailored response, approach and set of resources.  Parents often come to us when everything else they have tried has failed.

What makes you different from any other type of consultant or counselor?

We believe the more information, expertise and choices that you have at your disposal, the better the course of action that can be taken for your family’s specific situation. Rather than a single individual, we have a seasoned team of consultants, including therapists, psychologists and educators. We take a comprehensive approach that gathers information from all the sources that will be relevant to the decisions ahead.  And our active engagement with so many programs and individuals ensures a breadth and depth sole practitioners cannot match.

Why can’t you just give me a list of programs to choose from?

You can certainly get a list of programs on the Internet; you don’t need that from us.  But there are thousands of offerings out there — a list alone won’t help you decide which program is right for your child and his or her particular circumstances. And a list definitely won’t dig deeper and help you determine the specific and most effective therapist within a program. We have often had families come to us after a failed placement — where the risk factors were not adequately evaluated and explained, or where the program was not incorporated as part of a more comprehensive treatment plan.

My friend told me about a program that worked for their child who seemed to have the same situation as we do. Why should I call Bodin?

While situations and behaviors can seem the same on the surface, the underlying factors can be quite dissimilar, necessitating very different approaches. Also, programs change over time, as do their staffs, so what might have been a solid solution for someone last year may not be the same case today.

What is your success rate?

This is a simple question but the answers are complex. Success is defined by each family differently depending upon their goals and expectations. What constitutes success for an autistic child is going to be different than someone in their 20s with substance abuse challenges. Our experience has concluded that families achieve the best results when two things happen; the parents and our consultant realistically agree on what constitutes success; and the parents are strongly engaged in contributing to that success.

Are there fees involved?

The services we provide can vary greatly depending upon the needs of each family. The initial consultation call is free, and in it we will take the time to understand your particular situation then structure an appropriate plan and fee. In some cases, only a few visits or phone calls are required and an hourly fee is used, while others require more complex and lengthy solutions. We do advise families to be prepared: should it be necessary, the cost of therapeutic programs and schools can be quite considerable, and are separate from Bodin’s fees. We do not receive compensation or commissions from any of these institutions.

Can I receive financial assistance?

Some programs will offer financial assistance with proof of financial hardship. A number of insurance companies will pay for certain residential services. We can work with a limited budget to optimize the use of your resources.

Won’t my child be exposed to kids with even worse problems?

If your child is placed in a program, being exposed to other children with issues is always a risk. That is why we take so much time visiting programs, meeting the therapists and always being up to date on the particular milieu of the school/program. The make–up of programs change over time and keeping current with them assists us in making the most appropriate recommendations we can for your child’s specific issues. And by always working closely and collaboratively with the programs we can refine  placement decisions when necessary to best ensure student success.

Will my child still be able to apply to college?

You bet. The vast majority of our adolescents, whether we create home plans or they move to a residential facility, finish high schoolin a much stronger emotional and psychological place, and go on to college better equipped to navigate the challenges and rigors of the experience. We also provide college services to help strategize on how to put the child’s application in the best light.