Family Coaching

Our coaching services, primarily geared towards the families of young adults and adults, was created at the behest of our clients who requested custom-tailored sessions specific to the strategies and approaches for successfully disengaging from unhealthy or enabling patterns. Returning college students, financially entangled relationships with adult children (and even their children’s children) and emotional conflicts within business partnerships are among the clients who have successfully utilized this program. The goal is to move to a more positive place than “putting up with”  unsatisfactory conditions.

We explore many issues such as, but not limited to:

  • The twin pillars of co-dependency:  hope and fear
  • Being “unconditionally done”
  • Letting go of the outcome
  • Money as a proxy for love
  • Setting and managing boundaries
  • Clarification of policies on substance use
  • Consistency of words and actions
  • Establishing and maintaining credibility