Adult Programs

Not all high school graduates and/or young adults are ready to transition immediately to the relative independence of college away from home or independent living. We have been fortunate to work with many young people over the years helping to plan for programs that can provide an array of opportunities to meet specific needs, goals and talents. Since 1979, we have been visiting and evaluating schools, colleges, and special programs throughout the country and abroad. Our primary goal is to help navigate the complexities and subtleties of making intelligent and informed decisions from among a multitude of choices.

Independent Living Programs

Scattered throughout the country, these programs assist young adults who are struggling with the transition to independence. They may have had drug or alcohol problems, lack maturity, are missing credits or haven’t completed high school.


Residential Treatment Programs

Sometimes a situation has become so acute or has been so pervasive for so long that a more aggressive intervention is warranted. Treatment for substance abuse or other mental health concerns for a young adult requires a very specialized approach.