Trine H. Syverinsen

Cand. Polit. and Consultant


Trine has more than twenty years of experience working with teenagers and their parents in a wide variety of educational settings. Prior to joining Bodin  she worked as a leader of non-profit ethics classes for youth, and  as a case worker and as a special education advisor in the public sector. She is experienced in outreach work, family consultations, social work and program development within and for public schools,  conducting formal assessments and evaluations and drafting individual educational plans and making recommendations for long-term educational success. She has worked with families from different backgrounds, including families with refugee status and bi-cultural backgrounds, children and young adults with learning difficulties, emotional challenges, behavioral diagnoses and social cognitive difficulties, including Autism Spectrum Disorders. Trine has been a consultant with Bodin since 2005. She is passionate about partnering with and helping families of children, teens and adolescents create plans for future academic, social and behavioral success. 

Trine also does individual consultations and public speaking engagements on how to develop successful parenting strategies around screen use, parent-child communication, school avoidance and anxiety, study habits for students with executive functioning challenges and social skills development for students on the Autism spectrum. She works with many of our clients who are at risk of increased social isolation, avoidance and of becoming unable to launch into independence, as well as with the students who are making unsafe or unsound peer choices, and takes a pro-active approach to ensure that families have the support to get back on track towards healthy development.

For her graduate work thesis, Trine conducted a 6-month independent fieldwork and research stay in Austin, Texas, focusing on management of perceived and real risk identities and behaviors in a high school setting. She continues to be interested in the academic research and the public discourse around perceived best ways to parent, and to the unique challenges of raising a child in Silicon Valley. Trine is originally from Norway, and spends her vacations traveling both in Norway and in the US, together with her husband and two children.

She has a Cand. Polit. degree (M.A. equivalent) in Social Anthropology from the University of Bergen, Norway and a Cand. Mag. degree (B.A. equivalent) in Psychology and Anthropology from the same institution.