Transition Services

Aftercare services are designed to assist students and families in making smooth and successful transitions from residential treatment to the home environment.

We know the difficult road traveled and the investment made by parents to help protect and reclaim their child. We also recognize that the transition home is a crucial step in a family’s journey. Our mission is to support this transition and to help the teen sustain the changes they have worked so hard to make.


Our specialists work collaboratively with professionals and treatment programs to help create sustainable change. We are experts in helping teens transfer their newly learned skills to the real world, while helping the entire family make adjustments that are vital to long lasting change. Parents are naturally the most powerful agents of change and with the right knowledge, skills, and support they can strengthen and maintain their families.

We help develop a support system that can help mentor the teen and support the family in creating lasting changes. We facilitate a coming together of the natural support system by bringing together extended family, neighbors, clergy, coaches, positive peers, and friends to provide support to the family as they transition their teen home. We call this group the “Home Team” because it’s a team of people who are invested and will be there to lend a hand for years to come.

In the end, our mission is simply this: to empower parents and help their teens to succeed in the journey of moving from adolescence to adulthood, creating life long connections to each other and to their support systems so that together they can manage the transitions inherent in family life.

Earlycare fills the gap between out-patient therapy and out-of-home interventions. It is a practical solution based option for families. This option may be appropriate for families who do not need an out-of-home treatment program, need to know they have done everything or cannot afford out-of-home treatment. This is generally used for a younger adolescent who is only exhibiting early signs of acting out.

The program offers families a practical, 11-week, solution-focused in-home support program that provides tools and support to lay the foundation for a successful family change.
Both Aftercare and Earlycare feature the Family Bridge, Panoramic Assessment, In-Home Workshops and Family Coaching and Mentoring.

  • The Family Bridge includes access to the Parent Education Library as well as tools for communication and goal setting.
  • The Panoramic Assessment allows the Family Specialist to gather information from the family and community professionals.
  • The In-Home Workshops consists coaching with parents and other family members.
  • Scheduled Coaching provides the family continued education and support in implementing ideas and principles.
  • Direct Access allows families to receive in-the-moment support from their Family Specialist between coaching sessions.