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A little more than a year after hiring Douglas Bodin as our son’s educational consultant, our child has gone from years of dysfunction and little hope of getting through high school to being the President of his student council and having multiple college prospects—best of all, he is involved and excited about life—and ours was a tough case. When Bodin first encountered our child, it was tough to see what the options were because he had been presenting as ill for over 9 years. Bodin got us to an awesome wilderness program that was right for our son with an amazing therapist and then into a spectacular boarding school—the exact right one for our son—with perhaps the best therapist in the world. Douglas is known as pretty much the best educational consultant in the country for a reason. His connections and instincts are spectacular. I have also heard amazing raves from a friend about Lexy Spett at his firm.

No one hires an educational consultant without being in a lot of pain and out of other options. It’s super expensive and we’re not rich. Bodin Group is worth it.
— Sara N.
After years of denial, we finally took our teenage son to The Bodin Group and Douglas Bodin personally handled our case. After extensive testing he was determined to have ADD, and we were referred to an excellent doctor for him to get further treatment. His grades have gone from near failing to a solid B average, and our family is much happier now that school is not the center of our lives! Thank you.
— Mike M.
When our 16-year-old granddaughter whom we are raising was in crisis, Miriam Bodin and her team moved quickly, advised us on alternatives, helped us choose the right program for her and made the arrangements to get her there.  At the end of the 11-week recommended wilderness experience (which was an incredibly positive time for us all) they, again, recommended several residential therapeutic situations which could handle not only her early childhood trauma but also her serious learning deficits.  Our granddaughter spent 18 months in a splendid school which met her educational and therapeutic needs and also gave recommendations for the next residential situation.  We believe that Bodin figuratively, and perhaps literally, saved her life.

 Bodin has a broad range of experts with knowledge of the vast numbers of educational and therapeutic opportunities for kids and families in crisis.  They were knowledgeable, compassionate, and truly interested in our granddaughter’s welfare.  Miriam Bodin, herself, has remained in contact with our granddaughter’s therapists, which has allowed her to continue to offer advice that has been completely appropriate for her needs at each step of the way.  Today, our granddaughter is a happy young woman.  I cannot imagine trying to navigate these past critical years without the professional assistance of Bodin.
— Kristi
My wife and I have learned two very important life lessons the past 3 years: 1) All things happen for a purpose; and, 2) we are not all gifted with every skill and knowledge that we need to do this life alone.

My wife and I were searching for a solution for our son who was dealing with some difficult times in school and in his life. Grasping at our last straws, we spoke with a medical professional and, separately, a work colleague who dealt with a similar situation with her daughter. They both said, separately yet in unison, “Bodin Associates is where you need to go.” We met with Trine Syverinsen, one of the counselors at Bodin. She assessed the situation after speaking with us and then with our son and provided us 3-4 recommendations on schools and programs that would serve his needs academically as well as in his life skills. She clearly had one strong recommendation that she felt was ideal for our son’s situation, but offered other solutions that could also meet his needs. Her #1 recommendation fit our situation like a glove. Our son attended that high school (out of state), and the turnaround has been phenomenal. Trine monitored the situation independently and on our behalf as we all walked that journey together.

We were blessed that two friends led us to Bodin. We were richly blessed to have worked with Trine to find a solution for our son. And we truly recognize that when we were at our last option, reaching out to the professionals at Bodin gave us that hope to find a solution for our family.

I strongly recommend Bodin Associates for the educational consultation they can provide for your child who may be struggling with school and, more importantly, with life.
— Steve T.

Douglas, you helped my son in 2013.   To this date, I am so grateful for your personal guidance in helping me to take care of our son in what he most needed at that time.  In time of desperation I relied on your guidance to send him away to a wilderness program and then a residential treatment program.
I am elated to let you know that our son graduated with a high school diploma from the residential treatment program in July 2014, and now has the same wonderful personality he had as a young boy, is clean, and is now working and living in Salt Lake City Utah with his girlfriend and is dutifully making payments for a car, a motorcycle and a beautiful Shiba Imu puppy.   (mother of Oliver) 


From the time that our son first went off the rails six years ago until today, we have relied entirely on Miriam Bodin. We were in a particularly difficult situation because we were in the UK, where there is no real help for ‘troubled teens’ and things were worsening by the day. Fortunately, we were able to get in touch with the Bodin Group, and from that moment we started to find solutions.

Miriam’s first suggestion was that our son go to wilderness - a step which, as he says, saved his life. On all the other placements through our long journey, Miriam has been absolutely insightful and endlessly patient, helping us to make the right decision. Educational consultants such as the Bodin Group are essential in creating continuity between schools, treatment centres, wilderness programmes, etc. But for us the Bodin Group provided much more than continuity - we felt we were closely accompanied at the toughest time in our lives.

Our son is flourishing today in a small liberal arts college with a recovery programme suggested by Miriam. There’s no way he’d be there, happy and doing well and staying sober, without the help of the Bodin Group.
— Sarah S.
Hillary French at The Bodin Group is a LIFESAVER! Our son was struggling in school and had basically given up on life. We were at our wits end, when someone suggested getting an educational consultant. We found The Bodin Group and Hillary took our case. Hillary was able to see us right away and within less than 48 hours, our son was on his way to his first facility—-to detox from all of the horrible psych. meds he had been placed on and properly evaluated. What a relief, when finally someone says they understand and can help too! From there, Hillary found a wonderful wilderness program with a therapist that was a perfect fit for our child. After 9 weeks there, Hillary got our son into an amazing therapeutic school that has been a gift to our whole family. In such a difficult, heart-wrenching journey, Hillary showed tremendous consideration, support and she was always the voice of reason. It wasn’t until our son ran away the first day of being dropped off at the therapeutic boarding school that I realized the true worth of Hillary. Hillary was a calm, supportive, competent person at such a worrisome time. Hillary really had our backs! This journey is too hard to go through without help. I strongly recommend Hillary French as your educational consultant for your child who is spiraling out of control.
— Nina R.