What is the SSAT?

The SSAT is the Secondary Standard Admissions Test. Private schools throughout the world use the SSAT as a standardized test to help in admissions decisions. Since curricula, teaching and assessment standards vary from school to school, a standardized test is one tool admissions personnel use to determine if an applicant can do the work at their school.

Students who desire to attend boarding schools are often required to take the SSAT and must do so at a registered testing site. The SSAT is offered on two levels: Middle for students in grades 5-7 and Upper for students in grades 8-11.

What is Flex Testing?

In addition to the scheduled national test dates, SSATB offers the SSAT Flex Testing. The Flex Test is a test administered at a registered flex testing site and allows students to take the SSAT at alternative days/times.

Do you offer any test preparation?

Although we do not offer test prep here at our offices, SSAT currently publishes a book of full-length practice tests. “Preparing and Applying for Independent School Admission and the SSAT.” You can order it online at www.ssat.org. There are other books available from your local bookstore or library. SSAT does not have any videos, computer programs, or CD-ROMs.

Can students receive accommodations using Flex Testing?

Yes, students who can provide school documentation that verifies that they routinely receive accommodations in their current school may apply for similar accommodations with SSAT. This must be approved in writing through SSAT prior to the test administration.


How do I sign my child up for the test?

Please check Bodin's SSAT Flex test availability here and fill out the registration form at the bottom of the page to schedule a test with our office.


Bodin's SSAT Testing Fees:

  • $400.00

  • $550.00



Bodin's fee is in addition to SSAT's fee which in 2019/2020 is $144.

Testing alone in a private room: