Residential Schools and Programs

If together we determine that a residential setting is most appropriate, choosing among them can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of programs in this country and many different styles, approaches and areas of expertise. Our consultants travel extensively and continuously to stay current on program offerings, staff changes, population mix and milieu at these facilities. This gives us the ability to not only recommend a specific program but to recommend a specific therapist in a program. Many families these days have heard of friends’ experiences or have been on the Internet “researching” places themselves. Our clients find great comfort and peace-of-mind knowing that a trusted and objective professional, who knows all the ins and outs of this industry, is guiding them in their decision-making. With more than 30 years in existence we have literally been a part of the evolution of this business of caring for families. There are several types of residential programs, each with numerous offerings. We can help determine which best suits your needs.

Specialty Boarding Schools

Specialty Boarding Schools are especially effective with adolescents diagnosed with a specific learning difference such as dyslexia or ADD. Often there is an added level of structure, mentoring and even counseling beyond what a traditional boarding school offers. In some cases there is a more integrated curriculum for “emotional growth” and well-being that serves to address the whole person, attending to the individual’s strengths, interests and talents.

Residential Treatment Centers

Residential treatment centers are for young people who have engaged in the most unsafe behaviors and for whom a high-level of clinical sophistication and individualization is called for. Students at these programs generally require a thorough educational and psychological evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. These centers are the most clinically sophisticated in the spectrum of programs.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Therapeutic Boarding schools are for students who are not successfully functioning in a traditional environment. These schools are fully accredited and have year-round, rolling admissions. The curriculum is balanced between the academic and the emotional growth of the child. They often have similar extra-curricular offerings as traditional boarding schools and integrate therapy on both an individual and group level. The schools differ widely in approach, philosophy, culture and rigor. The level of attention to substance-abuse can also vary quite broadly in degree, sophistication and approach.

Assessment Centers

Assessment Centers are designed for short term, intensive, and comprehensive assessments of the cognitive mental health and/or addiction needs of their clients.

Community Based Living Programs

Community Based Living Programs are typically quite small, often fewer than 20 students. They are less-structured than some of the other programs and have a combination of mentoring, counseling, academics and recreation. “Lightly therapeutic,” these programs are able to utilize the resources of the community in which they are situated as an integral part of their offering. They are most-often single-gender and require a level of “buy-in” not always required in other programs.