Miriam Bodin



Miriam has over 30 years of experience assisting families with their educational requirements. Her recent focus has been on helping families whose children and adolescents have “special needs” along with traditional school, summer, and post high school planning. She also works with divorced parents in their efforts to develop mutually acceptable educational plans for their children. Prior to founding Bodin in 1979, Miriam was employed in public and private schools both as a teacher and as administrator. She acquired teaching credentials in the fields of English and social studies, and has taught in those curricular areas. She has studied extensively in the areas of counseling and curriculum development She has also served on numerous committees, boards, and accreditation teams including two terms on the Board of Directors of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). She is one of the founders of the credentialing body of educational consultants (AICEP) and served on its board for several years. She developed the “Guidelines for Good Practice” which has become part of the operating document both for IECA and for AICEP. Miriam holds a Master’s degree from The State University of New York at Buffalo.