Dr. Hillary French

Consultant and Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Hillary French is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist as well as an Educational Consultant at Bodin. She has been employed with Bodin since 2004 and is passionate about creating plans in which her clients find success and thrive. With her extensive clinical expertise and knowledge, she enjoys working with students and families with varying and complex diagnoses. Though she works with all age groups, she has a special affinity for adolescents with adoption issues, trauma, complex medical/psychosomatic issues, complicated learning disorders, self-harm, and other high risk behaviors. She works with each family in an empathic, pro-active approach, to create both home plans and residential options in a confident and thorough manner.

Prior to working at Bodin, Dr. French was an outpatient therapist at a local hospital, providing individual, group and family therapy with at-risk teenagers and their families, while also providing crisis-intervention and hospitalization plans for teens who were engaging in self-harm or had harmful thoughts. Her post-doctoral fellowship specialized in Pediatric Health Psychology, providing therapeutic services for children and teens with eating disorders and obesity, cancer, diabetes and other physical illnesses. Dr. French has completed research and has lectured to medical students and residents about Adolescent Psychology. She has focused training in Cross-Cultural Psychology and is fluent in the Spanish language.

Dr. French has also recently become proficient and trained in working with Gender Non-Conforming and Transgender Students. She has participated in several trainings in this area and has become a nationally recognized expert in finding the right therapeutic program for these students. She is excited to be working with these students and spearheaded the first-ever seminar for residential treatment providers in Salt Lake City, co-hosted by The Bodin Group, to address issues related to the appropriate care for these struggling teens and how we mental health professionals can meet their needs. These and other endeavors are changing the industry for the Bodin Group clients and students all over the country.

Hillary received her M.A. and Psy.D. (Doctor of Psychology) from the California School of Professional Psychology and her undergraduate degree from California State University at San Jose. She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the state of California (psy17488).