Frequently Asked Questions About Testing

Testing services and aim of evaluation:

Bodin offers a variety of psychological assessment batteries, including batteries to examine cognitive and academic functioning, learning disabilities, mental health and developmental functioning. Testing aims to answer questions about a student’s learning strengths and challenges, address attentional issues, help qualify students who need additional accommodations or time extensions on tests.  Psychological testing can help to better understand behavioral patterns, emotional factors, social difficulties, evaluate an individual’s coping and assess their potential risk factors. Testing is especially helpful in providing diagnostic clarity and developing appropriate recommendations. Bodin also offers testing to address aspects of neuropsychological functioning. Bodin does not currently have a licensed neuropsychologist on staff.



Costs range from $3600 to $5000 for testing.  Bodin psychologists are committed to comprehensive evaluations. Testing battery pricing includes testing a student, scoring the data gathered, interpreting the results, writing a comprehensive report and a 1 – 1 ½ hour feedback session.



Testing typically takes 1 to 3 days of in-office meeting, and depends largely on the type of battery conducted and a student’s speed with which they complete the tasks given to them. While our psychologists do their best to accommodate, testing typically takes place during regular business hours.



Once in-office testing is completed, checklists are gathered from providers and the necessary interviews are conducted. A comprehensive report is written and a feedback session is offered to review the results and the report.



Bodin does not work with insurance companies directly and is not on any insurance panels. However, a detailed billing statement, with CPT codes, diagnostic codes and other pertinent information is offered at the end of assessment. Families are strongly encouraged to speak with their insurance carriers about types of testing covered.